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Empty look and no spines. Hahahaha!!!!
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+ kings of leon: wait for me
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supersoaker, ladies. and gentlemen.
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out 24th september. apparently you can pre order it on itunes
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fresh from the oven: Supesoaker.
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opener 2013 interview
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this says it all.

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Caleb (from Kings of Leon, obviously) at Opener Festival 2013, Poland

show was A-MAZING.

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see u on saturday, guys.

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Kings Of Leon
Pinkpop 2013


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We all started having fun again, and when it stops being fun, that’s when either the music suffers, or the live show suffers. It was fun just to get back in there and everybody have a creative say-so, and just start from scratch. And the result is this new record.
— Nathan Followill, about “Mechanical Bull”
I think a lot of people were expecting a minivan record, you know, our wives are all soccer moms, and we’re just out with the kids.
— nathan followill
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kings of leon! music! yes!
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Having just heard 3 songs from the new Kings of Leon, I can attest they are back with a vengeance. New single “Supersoaker”
7/13. Album 9/13
— Bob Waugh from http://www.wrnr.com/ (via kolluvah)
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Jared & Johnny | Petty Fest West, LA (14 Nov 12)
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